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Topics of discussion include many aspects of the film industry including; economic incentives, the filmmaking process, acting, directing, producing, funding sources, indie films, distribution and why so many filmmakers film and live in New Mexico. Behind the scenes as well as finished film footage is used to illustrate the conversation.

Documenting the Art of Filmmaking in New Mexico

Filmed at the beautiful KIMO Theatre, Cinema Caliente, (Hot Cinema) is a series of programs exploring the art of filmmaking in New Mexico. The program provides the viewer with an insider’s view of the world of filmmaking through conversations between the hosts, Cyd Schulte and Tony DellaFlora, and local independent filmmakers. Occasionally, we will talk with filmmakers in production and on the ground from outside New Mexico.

Current episodes: 
Erin Hudson, Rotation Films - 24:11 
Elizabeth Gaylynn Baker, Spirit Productions - 28:10 ...COMING SOON
Scott & Paula Merrow, Albuquerque Screen Writers  ...COMING SOONFilmMakers.htmlshapeimage_2_link_0
Cinema Caliente was created by Ty Beh and Brad Stoddard,  independent filmmakers who call New Mexico home. The goal of the series is to document and expose to the rest of the world, the incredible work taking place in New Mexico in the film industry. Our audience is everyone, especially those interested in film and filmmaking and who want to know about what is happening behind the scenes, on the set and in the edit suite.

Guests on the show include an impressive group of local independent filmmakers as well as industry professionals who choose to make their homes in New Mexico. The producer will gain access to filmmakers who are coming to New Mexico with the support of the Albuquerque Film Office.

The show is "live-to-tape" for programming on local public TV and web channels. Thirteen episodes are planned for shooting in the the historic Kimo Theatre in Albuquerque, where the plush seating and fantastic art deco interior   define the unique look.

Producer - Ty Beh

Director - Brad Stoddard

Hosts - Cyd Shulte, Tony DellaFlora

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Ty Beh - Producer